The History of Powell Feed

In the early 1950’s, Guy E. Powell, his brother Vernon D. Powell Jr, and his father Vernon Douglas Powell opened a feed mill in Center Point, Texas. The mill was located on the old railway near highway 27 in Center Point. The large feed barn they used to store feed still stands today. In 1958 the mill caught fire and the store closed. Guy started selling feed on the road. He also formulated feeds for several large mills in the area. In 1980 Guy decided to start up his own fee store in Center Point. Guy’s wife Bobbie kept the books for the store. Guy formulated the horse feed, had it produced and sold it out of a barn behind his house. The horse feed is still being produced and sold today.

In 2013, Guy and Bobbie decided to retire and sold the feed store to their grandson Danny Langbein. Danny has worked hard to expand upon what is Grandpa built. In 2014 the feed store moved to 111 Stoneleigh Road, right off highway 27 in Center Point. Additional product lines and brands have been added in order to meet the needs of our customers. We look forward to many more successful years.