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September 8, 2016

#1 Mineral Supplement

A Supplement for Goats, Lambs, and Calves Being Fitted for Show

No. 11159

MoorMan’s ShowTec #1 Mineral Supplement is a protein fortified mineral supplement for all species of ruminant show livestock. It is designed to be used with ShowTec complete ruminant feeds to increase protein, vitamin, and mineral levels for additional feeding flexibility


  • Provides 25% crude protein and 1.5% fat
  • Properly fortified with vitamins, protein, and trace minerals for optimal growth
  • Highly palatable with optimal levels of multiple protein sources
  • Contains Prosponse® yeast supplement
  • Non-medicated
  • Processed form

#1 Mineral Supplement should be fed during the entire feeding period to provide essential vitamins and minerals for maintenance and growth.

#1 Mineral Supplement should be fed free-choice in creep areas to young, nursing ruminant livestock until weaning.

#1 Mineral Supplement will elevate dietary protein levels when added to ShowTec base rations.