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July 12, 2016
AminoGain Goat
AminoGain® Goat – 81667
July 15, 2016

MoorMan's ShowTec Burst Starter CTC/DEN

CTC/DEN No. 24020AYW

Protein - 21.5%
Fat - 6.5%
Lysine - 1.5%

Designed for 15-50 lb show pigs being fed for show pig sales or to be shown in early exhibition shows.

Burst Starter has been formulated with the most advanced nutritional components which are critical in preparing young show pigs to stand out in early exhibition shows and to catch buyers? attention. It contains components needed to enable young pigs to quickly develop exceptional muscle expression and rapid bloom within 7-10 days provided genetics, management, environment, etc. does not limit performance. Excellent consumption is achieved with this product.

In addition to CitriStim and PremiDex, Burst Starter also provides Energy Burst, EASYZYME, direct fed microbial, natural-source vitamin E, and selenium yeast.

*Provides 21.5% crude protein, 6.5% fat, and 1.5% lysine
*Mini-pellet form
*Medicated with chlortetracycline and tiamulin (Denagard?*);
*2-day withdrawal