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August 19, 2016
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Lamb Creep 16%
September 13, 2016

Lamb Creep DC Medicated

For Growing Lambs Being Fitted for Show

No. 11153AE

MoorMan’s ShowTec Lamb Creep DC, in mini-pellet form, is designed to meet the unique needs of growing and blooming young show lambs. Nutritionally balanced with the precise combination of protein sources, energy sources, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to feed genetically superior show lambs for championship performance. It incorporates patented cold pelleting manufacturing technology to produce a superior product for better show lamb performance.


  • Provides 20% crude protein, 5% fat, and 12% fiber
  • Newest cold pelleting feed technology for optimal growth and intake
  • Properly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals for young show lambs
  • Medicated with decoquinate (Deccox®*), 6.8 mg/lb
  • 1/8" mini-pellet for more efficient feeding
  • Highly palatable with optimal levels of lactose for better growth

ShowTec Lamb Creep DC must be fed at the rate of 0.033 lb per lb of body weight (3.3 lb per 100 lb of body weight) to young lambs from 7 days of age until weaning. #1 Mineral Supplement should be fed to young lambs in addition to ShowTec Lamb Creep DC.

To maximize creep consumption and performance, creep rations should be easily accessible to young lambs, preferably in a well-lighted, dry, draft-free area where dams typically lounge.