MoorFat – 235
July 12, 2016
Linder Show Feeds – 686
September 19, 2019

MoorMan's ShowTec MoorBody

No. 12111AAA15

Protein - 14%
Fat - 19.5%
Lysine - 0.9%

MoorBody is a unique energy and fiber supplement for Show Swine. MoorBody is specifically formulated to provide highly saturated fat as well as citrus and beet pulp to enhance show pig fill and expression.

MoorBody is not a complete feed and must be fed in conjunction with a ShowTec Developer.


  • Provides high-fat and high-energy chips along with choice white grease and palm oil - Highly saturated fat develops a firm finish; enhances appearance of skin and hair coat.
  • High fiber content - Increases gut fill, which expands rib capacity.
  • Contains citrus and beet pulp - Testing has shown citrus pulp to be very absorptive. The combination of citrus and beet pulp creates gut fill.
  • Flexible usage - Usage can be varied to meet individual pig needs when used in combination with other ShowTec products. Flexibility enables the exhibitor to sculpt individual pigs for a winning finish.
  • Dense texture - Reduces segregation when mixed with pelleted feed.
  • Feed 0.5 to 2 pounds of MoorBody to developing show pigs when extra body fill or cover is desired. MoorBody should be fed with 2 to 4 pounds of a ShowTec Developer feed. The amount of MoorBody used will depend on the level of fill or cover needed.
  • Available in 40 lb bag.