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July 19, 2016
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July 8, 2016


A Supplement for Beef Cattle, Kid Goats, and Lambs Being Fed for Exhibition

No. 81080AAA

MoorMan's ShowTec RumaFill is a high-fiber supplement for Show Ruminants - cattle, lambs, and kid goats. RumaFill is formulated to provide roughage ingredients, such as beet pulp, to create a 'full look' and enhance expression. RumaFill should be used for holding situations when the show animal's 'full look' and 'capacity' need to be maintained on restricted intake of complete show feed or complete grain mix. It is available in 1/2" mini-pellet form in 50 lb bag. RumaFill is not a complete feed and should be fed with the appropriate ShowTec Ruminant feed.


  • High-fiber content to increase gut fill to give show animals a 'full look.'
  • Beet pulp for its very absorptive properties, which creates gut fill.
  • Flexibility for inclusion in diets of show calves, show lambs, and show goats.
  • Ammonium chloride, which has been shown to provide some protection against development of urinary calculi.
  • Mini-pellet form is easy and convenient to feed and reduces feed waste.