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September 13, 2016
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July 19, 2016


Premium Nutrition for Senior Horses, Brood Mares and
Working Horses age 4 and older

No. 10130AB

A source of energy that does not contribute to metabolic and digestive disorders and developmental orthopedic disorders (DOD) is a long-awaited breakthrough for the horse industry. SENIORGLO, a Premium Blend product, contains stabilized rice bran, which is considered the best source of beneficial dietary fat for horses. SENIORGLO, which does not contain whole corn or corn starch, is formulated by combining stabilized rice bran, Omega Flax™, and vegetable oil with protein, vitamin, and mineral sources to produce a unique feed that is more energy dense, thus lowering the feeding rate compared to traditional grain-based horse feeds. SENIORGLO is a key component of Forage First® programs and is the perfect fit for meeting the nutritional challenges faced by mature horses. Forage First programs combine good-quality forage, GROSTRONG® vitamin-mineral products, and Premium Blends to produce balanced total rations. With this combination of feeds, horses can be healthy and perform at their best when fed less grain than they would receive from traditional horse rations. Consequently, horses are at less risk of metabolic and digestive disorders and DOD that may result from high-starch intake. Stabilized rice bran is the foundation of ADM’s Equine Premium Blend products.

SENIORGLO is a premium, concentrated feed for senior horses, broodmares, adult horses, and growing horses. SENIORGLO is formulated to be fed at 4-8 lb per day along with good-quality forages. With SENIORGLO you can adjust the forage-toconcentrate ratio of your total feeding program to make it just right or your senior horse. SENIORGLO contains HEALTHY GLO™, Omega Flax™, vegetable oil, and highly digestible fiber from alfalfa, beet pulp, and soybean hulls. SENIORGLO comes in soft pellets which are easy for senior horses to chew. SENIORGLO is also excellent in feeding programs for broodmares and growing horses.


  • Concentrated, highly-digestible formula with 6 lb/day feeding rate for 900 to1,100 pound horses
  • Choose your forage and change your forage-to-concentrate ratio
  • Large, soft, easy-to-chew pellets
  • HEALTHY GLO TM, Soy Shine®, Omega FlaxTM energy sources
  • Digestible fibers from soybean hulls, beet pulp and alfalfa meal
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids
  • No whole corn or corn starch
  • Less starch and molasses than typical senior feeds
  • Also excellent in feeding programs for broodmares and growing horses Growing horses may need additional protein (ShowBoost, GroStrong Minerals)