MoorMan's ShowTec Showts bag
Showts – 12349
July 11, 2016
MoorMan's Showtec bag
ShowTec 14.5/6 LN – 14560
July 8, 2016

MoorMan's ShowTec 16

16 LN No. 12116BPF

Protein - 16%
Fat - 4%
Lysine - .85%

Pelleted, complete feeds designed for today's growing/finishing Show Pigs being fed for exhibition.


  • Specially formulated with essential nutrients for optimal lean tissue deposition
  • High level of lysine and other amino acids for optimal lean growth
  • Provide CitriStim® and PremiDex®
  • Phase feeding program for targeted nutrition at a lower total cost per pig
  • Optimal levels of trace minerals and vitamins to promote tissue and skeletal growth
  • Crumble form for better feed efficiency

MoorMan's ShowTec Sixteen No. 12116BPF (LN) or No. 12116AAA (non-medicated)

  • Designed for feeding to extremely lean Show Pigs over 125 lb body weight
  • Provides 16% crude protein, 4% fat, and 0.85% lysine
  • Medicated with Lincomix®* (lincomycin); no withdrawal
  • Non-medicated formula is also available