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StayStrong Mineral Pellet – 80935
July 15, 2016
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Special Blend
July 8, 2016

MoorMan's ShowTec Starter/Grower

LN/FBZ No. 11148AE

Protein - 21.5%
Fat - 6.5%
Lysine - 1.5%

11148 is a Starter/Grower that is a pelleted, complete feed designed for today's starting/growing Show Pigs being fed for exhibition.


  • Contain high-quality animal protein sources to for better gain and feed efficiency
  • Properly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals for optimal growth
  • Contains optimal levels of dried whey for better growth
  • Highly palatable formula encourages feed intake
  • Pellet form for better feed efficiency

MoorMan's® ShowTec Starter/Grower LN/FBZ No. 11148AE

  • Designed for feeding to Show Pigs weighing 25 to 75 lb for 3-12 days
  • Provides 20% crude protein, 3.5% fat, and 1.2% lysine; mini-pellet
  • Medicated with Lincomix®* (lincomycin) and Safe-Guard®* (fenbendazole, a *dewormer)