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June 20, 2016
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July 8, 2016

StayStrong Mineral Pellet

A Pelleted Mineral, Vitamin, and Digestive Supplement for All Classes of Horses

No. 80935AAA

ADM Animal Nutrition announces a revolutionary new component of its FORAGE FIRST® equine nutritional program.

StaySTRONG Metabolic Mineral Pellets target both sections of the equine digestive tract to maximize the digestion, absorption and utilization of forages and feeds that make up the daily rations for horses.

StaySTRONG Metabolic Mineral Pellets are built upon the rock-solid foundation of GROSTRONG® Minerals with electrolytes (since 1925) and enhanced with direct fed microbials to boost foregut efficiency and Prosponse® brewers dried yeast, known to improve digestibility of forage components in the hindgut. The convenient pellet form is made for a one pound per day feeding rate and can be fed alone or in combination with other FORAGE FIRST feeds and supplements.

An added bonus with StaySTRONG Metabolic Mineral Pellets is the oat-free formula, which allows "easy keepers" and starch-sensitive horses to receive needed nutrients without the extra calories and starch commonly found in traditional horse feeds. (Formulated free of oats, corn, molasses, and alfalfa.)

This new product is the result of ADM's unparalleled animal research expertise and once again establishes FORAGE FIRST as the leader of smart, efficient and affordable equine feeding programs.

This proprietary formula enables the horse to synergistically accelerate the digestive process in the stomach and small intestine where maximum absorption takes place. The twofold benefits are:

  1. More efficient metabolism of nutrients from the entire ration -- resulting in availability of more nutrients and cost savings
  2. Less acidity in the hindgut with more efficient digestive activity - reducing the risks of the number one and two killers of horses, colic and founder

One pound of these crunchy, salty, apple-flavored pellets also contains 500 IU of vitamin E (about half of the total recommended daily amount) as natural-source vitamin E, the most bio-available form.

It is available in 40 pound bags which is approximately a one-month supply for one horse.