Sow Ration with Thermal Care
Sow Ration with Thermal Care – 12343
July 13, 2016
MoorMan's Showtec bag
ShowTec 16 – 12116
July 11, 2016

MoorMan's ShowTec Showts

No. 12349AAAE4

Protein - 21.5%
Fat - 6.5%
Lysine - 1.5%

Designed to be used in place of oats in show pig rations; supplies minerals and vitamins that would otherwise be lacking in the diet when supplementing with just oats.


  • Contains "feeding oatmeal" - Comparable nutrient profile to whole oats. health.
  • Select, dependable ingredients - Assures consistency and reduces feed variance.
  • Provides minerals and vitamins - Helps maintain the needed concentration and ratios of minerals and vitamins that would otherwise be diluted when using oats; helps ensure the show pig will receive critical nutrients needed to maintain health, structure, and vitality.
  • Added natural-source vitamin E and selenium yeast - More bioavailable sources which play an important role in immune system function; vitamin E also helps protect body tissue from oxidative damage.
  • Added flavoring - Encourages consumption.
  • Mini-pellet form - Easily mixes in with pelleted complete feed and helps minimize feed waste.