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July 20, 2016
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September 23, 2019

MoorMan's ShowTec Time Out

No. 00000AAAE4

Protein - 17%
Fat - 2.5%
Lysine - 1.3%

MoorMan's ShowTec Time Out is a non-medicated, complete, holding ration designed to maintain a show pig's body weight, shape, and condition. This extra ordinary feed possesses the unique ability to help maintain muscle shape, finish and body condition, enabling show pigs to hold their finished appearance.


  • Wide array of protein sources plus synthetic amino acids − Supplies a more ideal balanced amino acid profile to help maintain muscle mass.
  • Higher concentration of essential minerals and vitamins than the typical ration − Due to a lower feeding rate, the higher concentration of mineral and vitamins ensures show pigs receive critical nutrients needed to maintain health, structure, and vitality.
  • High fiber content − Maintains gut fill and expands rib capacity.
  • Cell-Rate® − Provides a source of nucleotides that may help fuel natural metabolic processes involved in stress, immunity, and production.
  • Energy Burst® − An ADM patent-pending, proprietary product that supplies modified starches which serve as energy sources. Research has shown the use of modified starches helps maintain osmolarity of gut digesta within the range needed for hydration.
  • Easyzyme®* − A source of enzymes that have been shown to improve the digestibility and availability of non-starch polysaccharides.
  • CitriStim® − An ADM proprietary feed ingredient, which is a source of yeast mannans and beta glucans that may alter gut microflora, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • PremiDex® − ADM Research has shown positive effects on performance, resulting from beneficial changes of gut microflora.
  • Electrolytes − Essential to keep the body hydrated and for important body processes, maintaining health and well-being.
  • Highly available forms of complexed (organic) zinc − Helps optimize integrity of hoof, gut, and skin, and immune response.
  • Natural-source vitamin E and selenium yeast − More bioavailable sources which play an important role in immune system function; vitamin E also helps protect body tissue from oxidative damage.
  • Unique, exclusive flavor − Encourages consumption.
  • Mini-pellet form