Powell Horse Feeds

If You LOVE Your Horse.... It Deserves Powell Feed!!!!

All of our horse feeds have been formulated by Mr. Guy Powell and pelleted by Lyssey and Eckel. We strive on having the best quality feed at the lowest possible price. We want customers to feel confident in feeding our feeds. ​

The following feeds are Powell Feed special formulas that you can only get from Powell Feed (Center Point).

  • All Stock
  • Hay Replacer
  • Rice Bran Plus

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Powell Feed

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Powell Feed Rice Bran Plus

Rice Bran Plus

Learn more about our popular Rice Bran Plus.

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Pellet Size

All of our horse pellets (All Purpose, Super Glo, and Cowboys Choice) are 3/8's pellets.


When the horse eats in a stall, they will normally eat in a trough. While eating, the horse will not keep their head over the trough. Leading to the horse dropping pellets on the ground. If a horse drops the pellet, they will find it on the ground. When they eat off the ground they will also pick up foreign debris (feces, shavings, dirt, urine, etc.) Eating some of this debris will cause a horse to colic. Larger pellets make it easier for the horse to find without eating debris from the ground.